Climate Change, Imperialism, and The End of The World (Video)

This video touches on “the end of the world,” how could we not share it?

Comrade Alyson, an awesome Marxist-Leninist on the West Coast, talks about about the cost of imperialism, the realities of climate change, and how to move forward. This video baptized me in a sense of urgency, and I hope it does the same for you.

You can find more of Alyson’s work on Twitter and YouTube.

Thanks for checking out my first video. I know its a little rough, but I definitely learned a lot in the process of making this and I am super excited to work on developing video skills going into the future.

If you like this and want to support more content like this in the future, here is my patreon:

For resources on how to start a dual power/base building organization of your own, check out this really helpful pdf:

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