Healing for Miguel

from GoFundMe


Three weeks ago, one of our community leaders Miguel Esteban Andrade was hospitalized with a ruptured appendix and had to undergo surgery. From there, he was plagued with multiple complications and was taken into another emergency surgery to fight a spreading infection. We have developed this fundraiser to support him once he is out of the woods and to show him that his community is there beside him, every step of the way.

For the last decade, Miguel has been a local leader in the fight for immigrant rights, education equity, and human rights.

An immigrant from Colombia himself, Miguel grew up undocumented and joined Juntos-a local immigrant rights nonprofit-where he used his experiences to become one of the local leading young voices for immigrant rights and also developed the city’s only latino-immigrant youth leadership program. He directly challenges problematic mainstream narratives and model minority myths, fighting for an inclusive interpretation of what liberation, freedom, and justice should really look like for those in our community.

Miguel’s passion for intersectional justice also led him to work at Galaei -the city’s only queer-latino social justice organization, as a board member and interim executive director. He also worked as a paralegal for one of Philadelphia’s leading immigration law firms, gaining an in-depth view on the state of our country’s immigration system. He is on the board of directors for the US Human Rights Network and a fellow with the ReFrame Mentorship program.

Miguel has been a part of Juntos for the last ten years and currently works as the Communications Manager for the organization, developing and leading all of the messaging for our public campaigns. The core of Miguel’s work  has centered around bringing the experiences and stories of those most affected to the forefront and making sure that their humanity and resiliency is represented.

Miguel is a man with many accolades and talents, but more importantly than all of that-is he is a loved son, friend, and mentor. He’s a self proclaimed nerd, with a love for video games and Tim Burton films. He loves Mariah Carey, tacos, and wine. He has one of the most infectious laughs.

$10,000 will be enough to cover Miguel’s medical costs and provide financial support for him to heal without worry for five months. Miguel’s road to healing will be a long one. He needs us, and we need to show him that he is not alone.

Let’s show up for him.

In community,
Erika Guadalupe

*All funds will be directly deposited into his bank account*.


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