Become hosts of heaven


“What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs.” –Jesus

You will speak. You will shout from the rooftops. You will prophesy with authority. At your declaration, hearts of stone will turn into flesh, death to life. Signs and wonders will follow your proclamations. The Spirit will baptize.

But first, you will know me. First, you will be baptized.

Be assured, I’m here with you already. Closer than your own flesh, your own thoughts. You can feel me, hear me, know me—in fact, you already do. But my heart and presence is your inheritance, and I want you to have it all.

As you seek me, you will find this Light within you rising up, waking. In silence, make space for this Light within yourself. Sink into stillness, taking your thoughts captive, readying yourself for the Unknowing, the Undoing. You may not feel it immediately, and you may not hear anything immediately, but know that I am there, present, committed to love you into abundant life. In mercy I will lead you to face a Love that is ready to hold you, and carry you to conviction, into death to self, into resurrection, into new life.

In that Light, you will finally see those logs in your eyes. All the ways you avoid this Light, the ways you refuse empathy, the calls of your conscience, my Spirit—this will surface right before you. And I will bathe you in a fire set to erode the darkness within you, and to spark love, peace, and faith. This Light will burn you, but it will not kill you. It will only lead you to abundant life. In this Light, you will surrender to the movement of Love. You will surrender into repentance, reparations, revolution.

Wait, earnestly, expectantly, but wait, and I promise that I will baptize you in my Spirit. Again and again, I will unravel my grace on your life—this is all yours.

A new world is coming. I am sending out prophets, making way for its coming. But to those I have called to prophesy, I have first called to my presence, and I will always call back to my presence. Commit to live in this Light. Pray without ceasing, invite heaven into every moment, and abide in this presence. I will hold you, walk with you, and my presence will be your presence. Gather regularly, struggling with others in this Light. To one another, you will become the living Christ, my Body.

And from this grace, you will speak. From this ground, you will preach. From here, the Good News will flow. You will not rant, you will not play with ideas, you will not simply convince—but when my presence is your presence, your proclamations will bring me before the people. They will experience me, know me, taste me, and they too will stumble into this healing Light. You will speak out of an intimate knowledge of my Spirit, and that is contagious.

Become hosts of heaven, my friends, in personal devotion but more than that, as a people. Struggle together in prayer. Push for the impossible. Seek heaven, at all costs. With each other, and for the world. I have rend the heavens, I have torn the curtain, and I long to build my temple among you. I long to birth a new world in your midst. Will you invite me in? Will you listen? Will you cherish this Light? Will you let me build the kin-dom among you? After all, it’s all yours.

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