I believe in Church (?) (!)

I believe in the church.
I believe in shaking, screaming, laughing, as God so pleases, and as we so please as well.
I believe in kids dancing with streamers in aisles.
I believe in swaying with one hand on the chest, and the other reaching out for God’s paws.
I believe in spontaneous hallelujahs and brutal bursts of “WHOA!” and “OH!”, prompted by the Holy Ghost.
I believe in worship bands that have no idea what’s going on, terrible communication, not great with instruments, but happy to sing to Jesus, and thankful for the persistent congregations that will worship God through any obstacle.
I believe in consensual holy kisses and holy hugs.
I believe in old people farting during sermons and contemplative silences.
I believe in prayer and prophecy, the back and forth between God and God’s people, as the core of meeting, the essence of worship.
I believe in the presence of God, that sometimes tastes like wine, and other times tastes salty, or metallic, and other times is a big marshmallow, but is always vital, and always present.
I believe in church as a space to wrestle with God, a place to have your heart stretched, to learn how deep God’s empathy goes and flow with that the best we can.
I believe in the church as a Holy Ghost think-tank, where God’s people gather in the knowledge of God’s love and brew ways to live as a witness to the world, together.
I believe in the church as a people who are in material covenant with one another, who are economically committed to one another, who make certain that none have lack among them, and are determined to build a base together, in order to accompany their communities into the new world.
I believe in the church as a people of the end times, drenched in Christ’s vision of the new world where the first are last, where the mighty are torn of their thrones, where the oppressed and poor are lifted up and inheriting the earth.
I believe in the church as doulas of the end times, who are willing to do whatever it takes for kin-dom come.
I believe in the church.


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