Shut Down So-Called “Ex-Gay” Conference

follow the Shut Down Restored Hope Network Annual Conference page!

The Restored Hope Network is an ex-gay conference and reparative therapy advocates. They will be hosting their annual conference at Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church (LCMS) in Robbinsdale, Minnesota – right outside of the Twin Cities. Reparative therapy and ex-gay theology has taken too many lives, and has left too many queer people devastated. A number of organizers started a facebook page for the sake of getting out the word, and shutting them down!

Our first action will be to email this church at, and letting them know that this conference is hateful, dangerous, exploitative, and violent, and will not be welcome in the Twin Cities.

Please, email the church, get your friends to email the church, and spread the word! Every Wednesday until the conference, a new action step to put pressure on the people hosting this hateful event will be posted on the facebook page!


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