The Ultimate Sin by Carol Bialock

A poem by Carol Bialock, a Sister in the Society of the Sacred Heart and poet. From her upcoming book, Coral Castles:

Give up your separateness.
For whom does the bell toll?
It tolls for you.
Who is crowned queen?
You are—and beggar, fool, and clown.
That is the sin: to be only your puny self
when you are really world and godhead.

Give up vanity, yes, and lies and pride.
Give up judging (the one you judge is yourself ).
But above all, renounce being many, multitude, and mad.
Go sane.
You are the whole, not part;
the entire, not the piece.
Come home to being world
and galaxy
and universe.

I beg you,
sacrifice non-being,
the illusion of being only you.
Be what you are:
be all.
I beg of you, stop sinning:
give up your separateness.

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