What is your meeting doing about it?

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From Quaker Insurrection on facebook, referencing the upcoming ICE round-up of families:

What is the point of an hour a week in silence? To nourish our spirits? To sustain a sense of community? To have a shared ritual?

Your messages and vocal ministry, your moments of deep silence, are vile when the Spirit is demanding us to act.

A vast majority of US Quakers are settlers on stolen lands. Our existence depends on violence against others. I wonder, what will it take for us to see another world is possible? And that this moment demands us to revolt, and destroy the current systems? That if we aren’t doing that, we are blessing violence towards the oppressed?

Yes, this means for us settlers discomfort, sacrifice, pain even. It means struggle. “The Lamb’s War,” Nayler called it.

The cross of George Fox, and of his Christ, was inward, but its implications were outward. It could very well lead to a physical crucifixion. The Spirit is asking, are we willing to sacrifice – even our lives – for the liberation of the masses? for the sake of a new world?

Are we willing to sacrifice even our white, liberal sense of piety?

ICE is anti-Christ. What is your meeting doing about it?


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