Paul and the White Church

My first semester in seminary, my theology professor[1] hammered into us an important distinction: Scripture is not the Word of God – Christ is the Word of God. That is, Christ is the self-disclosure of God to humankind. Scripture is the record of that revelation, not the revelation itself. The importance of this distinction was … Continue reading Paul and the White Church


Please sign! #FreeMumia

Text pulled from the petition on On Jan 25, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner announced that he wouldcontest the ruling of Judge Tucker that reinstated Mumia Abu-Jamal’s rights of appeal. On Feb. 6, a community delegation delivered the following letter to his office, signed by 14 organizations and 6 individuals who had campaigned, donated to … Continue reading Please sign! #FreeMumia

The end of Church Theology

"There would seem to be little doubt that we are now entering a period in which Christianity must confront the most radical challenge that it has faced since the time of its beginning. Certainly the churches are inadequately equipped to face such a challenge, and if we were forced to rely solely upon ecclesiastical Christianity … Continue reading The end of Church Theology

Altizer on authority in radical Christianity

"Certainly an overwhelming pragmatic problem for radical Christianity is the question of authority, for even if it is dedicated to the inversion and reversal of all established authority, it cannot escape the actuality of authority. Already this can be observed in what little that we know of the Jesus community, and while we cannot know … Continue reading Altizer on authority in radical Christianity

Defense of the Dead: The Political and Spiritual Leadership of Grieving Mothers

When David was the king of Israel, there was a terrible, terrible drought. The ground cracked and pleaded for water. The people were hungry and the sun was hot. David asked god why. God said it was because when Israel was under the rule of Saul, Israel had unjustly slain the Gibeonites. The earth was … Continue reading Defense of the Dead: The Political and Spiritual Leadership of Grieving Mothers