Theology Corner is a communal network of theological blogging and podcasts that explores the depths of the Christian tradition and the implications for human flourishing. is a gathered Friends (Quaker) community, engaging issues of authenticity, community, justice, equality, simplicity, peace, and creation care.
Black Flag Theology is a blog that explores a radical approach to theology and politics
Friendly Anarchism: Quaker anarchist speaks and listens with community about mysticism, radical praxis, theology, empowerment, anti-fascism, and the arts from a leftist Religious Society of Friends perspective
Christians for Socialism is a grassroots organization that mobilizes Christians against intersectional oppression.
No More Chariots is a blog about Theology, Philosophy, and Politics in the American Empire
Theology Matters is a Youtube channel committed to bringing you all the theological goodness that you’ll need to challenge, interrogate, and reimagine what theology means to you
The Magnificast: A podcast about Leftist Politics and Christianity
Jesus Radicals: Undoing oppression from a framework of anarchist politics and alternative Christianity
Radical Discipleship is a space designed to chronicle and animate expressions of “Movement” Christianity in North America. This includes all those struggling for church renewal and social change, who seek to embody the prophet Micah’s call to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with God.
New Pentecostalism is a facebook page dedicated to being a voice of revival, pushing forward the Pentecostal tradition to dynamically demonstrate and embrace the revolutionary gospel of Jesus Christ.
whatever-ism is a
 socialist blog taking inspiration from a broad spectrum of schools, traditions, philosophies and practices on the left as well as contributing some new ideas.
Poststructuralist Tent Revival: “Continental philosophy, theology, religious studies, and useless commentary on various issues by Eric Aldieri and Jacob Given.”

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“She has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners . . .”