May Day 2018 Retreat


Vision statement: In the spirit of International Workers’ Day, the May Day retreat will be a worship gathering for Christians and mystics with revolutionary leftist convictions. Our hope is that this space will be a time of collaboration and fellowship intended to foster the emergence of a Christian/Religious Left.



The retreat fee will be a sliding scale of $45-95

We will be meeting in Philadelphia on May 1st for various direct actions, but we have reserved cabins outside of Philly for lodging and our time of fellowship. People are welcome to come a day or two before and we are definitely willing to help arrange housing situations.

For those coming: registration/gathering before the march will happen in Center City from 8:30 AM – 10 AM on May 1st. The retreat will conclude after lunch on May 3rd.

For more information:

If you want to join the ever-growing Planning Committee, let us know!



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