Assata on leftist colonizers

"A member of one group told me that if i was really concerned about the liberation of Black people, i should quit school and get a job in a factory, that if i wanted to get rid of the system i would have to work at the factory and organize the workers. When i asked … Continue reading Assata on leftist colonizers

Reconciliation Means Death

"The task of black people is to rebel against all white masters, destroying their pretensions and authority and ridiculing the symbols of power. White people must be made to realize that reconciliation is a costly experience. It is not holding hands and singing 'black and white together' and 'we shall overcome.' Reconciliation means death, and … Continue reading Reconciliation Means Death

Church Abolition, Black Liberation and the End of the World

Written by Argentina, a retreat organizer and member of Christians for Socialism Church abolition has a conflicting meaning for me. I think of what churches have meant for communes before it was an institution that sided with imperialism, racism and other demonic forces that have plagued the earth. Initially, churches were intentional communities where people … Continue reading Church Abolition, Black Liberation and the End of the World