The Return of Christ

Christ will return with sword in mouth, revealing the crookedness of the world's systems, cutting through deception and pride. Christ's words will pierce hearts and expose our sins—the ways we abuse our power and exploit others—and give us vision for a new world, opening our eyes to revolutionary possibilities. Christ will broaden our imagination for … Continue reading The Return of Christ

Doulas of the end times

We are commanded to wage war. We are commanded to combat oppressive, demonic forces in this world. This looks like more than a prayer ministry, or meeting on Sunday. Jesus is calling his friends to action, in taking an active role in abolishing the police, ICE, the state as a whole, etc. This will mostly … Continue reading Doulas of the end times

The Lamb’s War and Quaker Worship (Part 2)

In the desert liturgy of obedience to the Lamb, wrought in the wilderness of the Spirit, the engrafted Word and immortal Seed grow, waging the Lamb’s War, there where neither smell nor scent of time, flesh, or reasonings remain; and here all things are made new and one drinks freely from the well of the … Continue reading The Lamb’s War and Quaker Worship (Part 2)

The Lamb’s War and Quaker Worship (Part 1)

  The Lamb was the Light guiding early Quakers in worship, belief and practice. The contemplative collective state, like the War fought against self ends, carnal reasoning, and concupiscence (intellectual, social, political, linguistic, etc.), was part of what John Punshon called the offensive of the Lamb. This formed a unity of prayer and worship with … Continue reading The Lamb’s War and Quaker Worship (Part 1)

Early Quakers on time and the end times

Time vs. immediate eschatology (existentialism of fragmentary moments vs. Direct eschatological Presence) Blake Jerome Everitt's Early Quaker Dualisms The prophetic testimony of early Friends was an eschatological incision in the world of time, space, and mortality: “Powerful personal and intimate religious experience convinced them of a direct connection with God, an inward experience of the … Continue reading Early Quakers on time and the end times