Foucault on Apocalypticism as Dissidence

"After all, the other way of disqualifying the pastor’s role is to claim that the times are fulfilled or in the process of being fulfilled, and that God will return or is returning to gather his flock. He will be the true shepherd. Consequently, since he is the true shepherd coming to gather his flock, … Continue reading Foucault on Apocalypticism as Dissidence


I believe in Church (?) (!)

I believe in the church. I believe in shaking, screaming, laughing, as God so pleases, and as we so please as well. I believe in kids dancing with streamers in aisles. I believe in swaying with one hand on the chest, and the other reaching out for God’s paws. I believe in spontaneous hallelujahs and … Continue reading I believe in Church (?) (!)

An admonition from a baby of God: speak in tongues!

When I speak, sing, or pray in tongues, I yield. I give up on trying, I let the Spirit hush my ego, and I surrender to what is stirring in me. I don't get to control the narrative. I join creation, the communion of saints, and the Spirit in their intercessions of groans, sighs, and … Continue reading An admonition from a baby of God: speak in tongues!

Frank Macchia on tongues and the Spirit-Baptism

"Many Pentecostals, especially in the United States, consider speaking in tongues as evidence of the experience. Not all Pentecostals globally hold to the doctrine of speaking in tongues as the initial evidence of Spirit baptism, however, though the experience of glossolalia is arguably still fairly widespread in the movement. And even among those who hold … Continue reading Frank Macchia on tongues and the Spirit-Baptism