A Mythology of Jesus

The story for me goes something like: Jesus had an intimate, dialectical relationship with religious mythology, and through this found a way to build political power from the people. His relationship to God formed him into an organizer. He revealed a gospel that was material, that sought justice at all costs, that prioritized the poor … Continue reading A Mythology of Jesus

On the Death of God

from Thomas J. J. Altizer's The Gospel of Christian Atheism Can we join Zarathustra in his hymn of praise to joy? Can we, too, repudiate every reversal of the present, every flight from pain, every backward movement to eternity? But this is to ask the Christian if he dares to open himself to the Christ who … Continue reading On the Death of God

I don’t care if I’m a Christian

I don’t exactly know how I tripped into friendship with Jesus. Was there a catalyst? Probably a few. All I really know is that after I read the gospels, I couldn’t stop thinking about Jesus. He felt extremely disturbing, in a way that was attractive, beautiful, and somehow familiar. That sense haunted me until I … Continue reading I don’t care if I’m a Christian