Update on #OccupyPHA

Keep up with the facebook page for updates and upcoming actions: So heres an update. We were forced to move by City and PHA Police on Monday Morning. We have set up across the street to continue this movement. We will not be intimidated away. We will not be moved away. We will not be … Continue reading Update on #OccupyPHA


There is an OCCUPATION at the PHA offices! Support is needed!

from the Philadelphia Tenant Union facebook page Did you know that in 2015 PHA siezed ‼️1330 ‼️ parcels of land from residents in the city of Philadelphia and that land is sitting EMPTY and they have NOT COMPENSATED residents for. We stand in solidarity with comrades occupying PHA offices at Ridge and Master who are DEMANDING that PHA … Continue reading There is an OCCUPATION at the PHA offices! Support is needed!

Becoming a Community: A Friendly Fire Update

The first six months of our community were powerful, and busy. Between occupations, noise demos, marches, fundraisers, long nights of jail support - between Occupy ICE and the Prison Strike and anti-fascist counter-demonstrations - we were always seeing each other, always in the streets, always praying. We prayed before, during, and after actions. We prophesied … Continue reading Becoming a Community: A Friendly Fire Update

Please sign! #FreeMumia

Text pulled from the petition on ActionNetwork.org On Jan 25, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner announced that he wouldcontest the ruling of Judge Tucker that reinstated Mumia Abu-Jamal’s rights of appeal. On Feb. 6, a community delegation delivered the following letter to his office, signed by 14 organizations and 6 individuals who had campaigned, donated to … Continue reading Please sign! #FreeMumia