Angels Among Us

Written by Ben Wood, originally posted on his blog, Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it. (Hebrews, 13.2). Angels are part of the fabric of the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament, yet their identity is starkly elusive. The word … Continue reading Angels Among Us



Sometimes I feel alone. Like there’s something wrong with me. Like I’m a bad person, too broken – not fit for friendship. I feel that way tonight. I feel bad. I think it’s because I’m remembering. I grew up in the Unification Church. We believed that the Reverend Sun Myung Moon was the second coming … Continue reading Aloneness

Fox and Dōgen: Finding Paradise in Every Moment

Why We Belong Be still and cool in your own mind and spirit from your own thoughts, and then you will feel the principle of God to turn your mind to the Lord God, from whom life comes; whereby you may receive his strength and power to allay all blusterings, storms, and tempests. (George Fox) … Continue reading Fox and Dōgen: Finding Paradise in Every Moment

The emerging vision of Friendly Fire

Power has a way of co-opting the subversive for its own stability. The teachings of Jesus, an anti-imperialist prophet, included. Within a few centuries, Christ's communities of holy fools and prophets ossified into a vehicle of imperial power, playing a vital role in historical and contemporary colonialism. Today, Christian institutions are globally advocating for right-wing … Continue reading The emerging vision of Friendly Fire