On the Death of God

from Thomas J. J. Altizer's The Gospel of Christian Atheism Can we join Zarathustra in his hymn of praise to joy? Can we, too, repudiate every reversal of the present, every flight from pain, every backward movement to eternity? But this is to ask the Christian if he dares to open himself to the Christ who … Continue reading On the Death of God

Excerpt from Thomas J.J. Altizer’s Godhead and the Nothing

While Spinoza’s thinking dissolves all possible chaos and nothingness more purely than does any other thinking, it nevertheless calls forth a pure passivity which is its very opposite. The ancient prophets could know this passivity as apostasy, a rebellion against Yahweh, but a rebellion against Yahweh which at bottom is a submission to the world, … Continue reading Excerpt from Thomas J.J. Altizer’s Godhead and the Nothing

A Radical Christian Vision of Theology

"Almost invariably the radical Christian has set himself against theology, believing that theology is inevitably bound to the authority of the Church, and thus is incapable either of speaking the original language of faith or of expressing a contemporary Christian vision. Quite simply the radical Christian has judged theology as such to be closed to … Continue reading A Radical Christian Vision of Theology

Altizer on the Word & Revelation

When revelation is so conceived, it will be historical only to the extent that it ceases to be revelation. As opposed to this purely religious form of revelation, a truly historical revelation can only occur in the contingent actuality of a profane history, and thus it must inevitably appear in a fallen rather than an … Continue reading Altizer on the Word & Revelation

The end of Church Theology

"There would seem to be little doubt that we are now entering a period in which Christianity must confront the most radical challenge that it has faced since the time of its beginning. Certainly the churches are inadequately equipped to face such a challenge, and if we were forced to rely solely upon ecclesiastical Christianity … Continue reading The end of Church Theology

Altizer on authority in radical Christianity

"Certainly an overwhelming pragmatic problem for radical Christianity is the question of authority, for even if it is dedicated to the inversion and reversal of all established authority, it cannot escape the actuality of authority. Already this can be observed in what little that we know of the Jesus community, and while we cannot know … Continue reading Altizer on authority in radical Christianity