The retreat is coming (June 2019)!

Mystics of the left unite! Friendly Fire Collective and Christians for Socialism joyfully announce we are in the midst of organizing our second annual retreat! Our theme this year is Another Church is Possible: Militant Discipleship, Dual Power, and the End of the World. Militant mystics from across the country will gather to pray, worship, … Continue reading The retreat is coming (June 2019)!

Report-back on the Ordination

This past weekend our Friendly Fire community celebrated our comrade and friend Matti, as well as their gifts and ministry. As one of the initial members of the collective, Matti was one of the main organizers of the May Day retreat. They cooked, cleaned, led workshops and prayer meetings, provided pastoral and spiritual care, and … Continue reading Report-back on the Ordination

10/2 Anti-Trump Protest (and Gritty)

Yesterday's anti-Trump protest was organized and put together as soon as news came out that Trump was coming to Philly to speak. It was short notice, but several small protests were organized and eventually converged in a rally in front of the conference center that Trump was speaking in. Though a number of the protesters … Continue reading 10/2 Anti-Trump Protest (and Gritty)