Assata on leftist colonizers

"A member of one group told me that if i was really concerned about the liberation of Black people, i should quit school and get a job in a factory, that if i wanted to get rid of the system i would have to work at the factory and organize the workers. When i asked … Continue reading Assata on leftist colonizers

J. Sakai: The Foundations of Settler Life

an excerpt from Settlers: The life of European settlers — and the class structure of their society — was abnormal because it was dependent upon a foundation of conquest, genocide, and enslavement. The myth of the self-sufficient, white settler family "clearing the wilderness" and supporting themselves through their own initiative and hard labor, is a … Continue reading J. Sakai: The Foundations of Settler Life

Class Consciousness & Struggle: An Excerpt from Settlers

The Euro-Amerikan "left" has completely mystified the question of class consciousness. They see in every labor strike, in the slightest twitch for reform, examples of proletarianism. Some "socialist scholars" (a self-awarded title, to be sure) conduct almost anthropological expeditions into the settler masses, seeing in every remembered folk song or cultural nuance some profound but … Continue reading Class Consciousness & Struggle: An Excerpt from Settlers

Redemption for White People?

White people aren’t inherently reprobate, elect for damnation, or created for destruction. They were not formed by God to be exploitative, emotionally calloused, or drunk on privilege. This isn't God's design. In fact, whiteness is a cultural construct, not a biological reality. That isn’t to say skin color doesn’t exist but the categories of “race” … Continue reading Redemption for White People?