The Lamb’s War and Quaker Worship (Part 2)

In the desert liturgy of obedience to the Lamb, wrought in the wilderness of the Spirit, the engrafted Word and immortal Seed grow, waging the Lamb’s War, there where neither smell nor scent of time, flesh, or reasonings remain; and here all things are made new and one drinks freely from the well of the … Continue reading The Lamb’s War and Quaker Worship (Part 2)


The Lamb’s War and Quaker Worship (Part 1)

  The Lamb was the Light guiding early Quakers in worship, belief and practice. The contemplative collective state, like the War fought against self ends, carnal reasoning, and concupiscence (intellectual, social, political, linguistic, etc.), was part of what John Punshon called the offensive of the Lamb. This formed a unity of prayer and worship with … Continue reading The Lamb’s War and Quaker Worship (Part 1)

Steve Davison on Vocal Ministry

Steve Davison recently posted a blog series on the importance of vocal ministry in Quaker worship. For those unfamiliar with Quaker worship, both Conservative and Liberal branches of Quakerism practice 'unprogrammed' or 'silent' worship. Though this meeting for worship is grounded in silence, there is room throughout the meeting for those present to vocalize messages they … Continue reading Steve Davison on Vocal Ministry